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ADVANDIS - Advanced Digital Solutions Ltd. enterprise was established in year 2003.

It emerged from a team of experienced IT specialists whose successful cooperation on various
projects in previous years was a guarantee of success. All our IT specialists have graduated
at Electro-technical Faculty of Belgrade University with extremely high average marks which are
a proof of huge intellectual capabilities, hard work ability, and personal need to be successful.

Our goal is to explore and implement new ideas in software design and development, using
the maximum of existing technologies and pushing their limits. We are not afraid to implement
unusual solutions, if the estimated result gives more benefits than conventional solutions.

Our approach in search for the best solution of a problem is science oriented. It is based on
an argumented decision after deep and thorough analysis of all aspects of the problem
and different possible solutions. Final realization of chosen solution is complete and precise,
followed by detailed tests. As a result, realized solution is robust and reliable.

Our plan in years to come is to maintain continuous expansion of our business,
knowledge and customer satisfaction.